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We are a group of like minded individuals who together as a company aims at carving innovation in a way that it should impact the lowest capable user. With our common flair for devising new methods for atomizing business process, we at Octrax strive to make technology equitable for all.

Foster Schooling

Foster Schooling is a product of OCTRAX SYSTEMS to revolutionize the education and schooling. Transforming traditional schooling into digital schooling and moving towards Digital India.

Foster Schooling is a complete system consisting of web portals and mobile apps for all platforms. Foster Schooling provides a platform for collaboration of main pillars of education domain.

A step forward towards growth of country.

Retail Beacon Solution

The Retail Solution using Beacons Technology, Completely change the way of Retail store management, providing extremely useful features for consumers.

  • Smart Beacon system to connect to customers
  • Product Scan via mobile to add to cart
  • Intelligent user activity detection
  • Gift Coupons & Redemptions integrated
  • User details captured for Business Intelligence
  • Shopper friendly
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Car Pool

Take the first step to save our environment and increase your social network by using our CAR POOL App.

  • Fast, Easy & Secure car travelling mode
  • Know your Travel mate before inviting
  • Precise location details of Travel mate & car owner
  • Schedule your travel with Travel mates
  • Secured user details sharing
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Hospital Solution

Medical help simplified in a blink. Using the best of technology for providing solutions catering requirements of hospitals and patients.

  • Convenient Doctor –to - Patient and Doctor – to - Caretaker communications
  • Easy Doctor – Patient appointment scheduling
  • Elaborate Doctor Search with Specialty, Availability and Geo-Locations
  • Real time communication between Doctor – Patient thru App
  • Dashboards - My Profile, My Health, My Hospital Services
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